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Typing jobs from home for mums, dads, nans and grandads

There are many typing jobs from home you can do to earn some extra money to pay the bills or even make it your full time career. Being able to type is a skill that will always be in demand, you cannot use the internet without being able to type.

Typing jobs you can do at home can vary quite considerably from straight forward copy typing to writing. There are data entry jobs available through businesses such as direct marketing companies but they tend to need typists who are local. It is not usually cost effective to send quantities of paperwork through the post for you to type up. So if you were considering this sort of work you would be better of phoning round your local businesses to offer your typing at home services.

Legitimate typing jobs from home

With the amount of information on the internet it is all too easy to get confused, overwhelmed or even scammed. There are many unscrupulous and downright unethical people online who are only too willing to take money from desperate or naive individuals looking for online work.

The truth is there are no easy solutions otherwise everyone would be taking advantage of jobs that allow you to work from home. The reality is that that most genuine typing jobs are very low paid or the ones that do pay well require a high level or skill and experience. Don't believe any ad that says you can earn well with no previous knowledge, skill or experience as it is just not true.

Saying that it is not all doom and gloom for the individual looking to earn a few bucks from home. I always recommend those who are new to the world of internet jobs to start of with some survey work. Paid surveys although not well paid do give you some experience of working at a typing job and at the same time allowing you to earn a little extra pocket money. I must reiterate you will unlikely be able to make a significant online income with paid surveys so don't get too excited. I keep a page on what I consider to be the best paid survey sites that picks out the best of the bunch.

There are as many different home typing jobs as there are people with differing circumstances. Many stay at home mums would love to be able to work but looking after children means you are severely limited to the work you can do. Even part-time jobs are going to need some flexibility from you to be able to work different shifts. If your children are ill or can't go to school for some reason then what do you do.

Being able to work from home means that your work can fit around you and your families needs. Need to pop out for half an hour, no problem the work will still be there when you get back. Going out for the day, you can do the work in the evening or just work a few extra hours on other days to catch up. You would never get that sort of flexibility from an employer.

There are several avenues for you to consider to find online jobs from home. Not all typing jobs require you to type so many words a minute, some jobs require you to be able to use initiative, imagination and be able to do your own research on the internet. You need to consider what sort of typing work you can or want to do.

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